Fall Babies

a community for women due in the fall

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This is a place for women who are due in the fall. If you are having a baby in the fall, you are welcome to join.

For added privacy, on Mar 6th this community became "friends only" so you won't see any entries after Mar 6th unless you are a member of the community.

Have fun everyone and welcome to the community if you are a new member!!!

The following survey is to be filled out by new members so we can get to know you.

Due date?
What symptoms are you feeling so far?
How do you feel about this pregnancy so far?
Have you told anyone?
What was the reaction to the news?
Anything else about yourself we should know?

Here are the 4 community rules:

Be respectful towards other users. This community is a support forum, so flame wars, profanity, or name calling will not be tolerated. If you are wondering if you might offend someone with a response, you probably shouldn't post it.

This is a support forum, so don't be afraid to share all the gross and disgusting details. This is meant to be a place to get the support and advice you need. If you have some advice or support to offer another member, don't hold back.

Please post photos and text longer than 500 words under a LJ-CUT

Please don't advertise here. There are other communities to promo or sell your stuff in.